Employee Application

Employee Application for Cleaning Technician Position


Refresh Home Cleaning is looking for Cleaning Tech team members in the Colorado Springs, CO area to join our fun and well-paid crew:
  • Top pay: $700/week! Earn this in a couple of months!
  • Paid weekly
  • No nights or weekends required
  • Holidays not required
  • One week paid vacation
  • Benefits
  • Home by 5:00
  • Flexibility
  • Active work (lose weight while working–ha!)
  • Fun, great atmosphere, beautiful homes!
We hire people of integrity who are willing to learn our method of “Speed Cleaning,” have a positive attitude, who get along with others easily, and are willing to work hard and smart.  Will start as part-time and move to full-time as soon as possible, hopefully within a couple of weeks. Apply below and start work in just a few days.
The application (aplicacion) is available in English and Spanish (espanol). Se habla español.